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 Apply For Email (.nic or .gov)–

Government Email ID creation – eForms_UserManual 

        Kavach Installation Guidelines- Kavach Installation 

        Recover Government email id- User Guidelines 

        NIC Government Email ids – HELP– User Guidelines 


  • Policy for Email Id under / :-

 Email ID Format Policy (PDF, 717KB) 

 Email Password Policy (PDF, 83KB) 

  • Other Important Guidelines :-

How to reset password of Government NIC Email, eOffice, sparrow, Gem, MahaPAR, PAR

Guidelines to update Profile on First Login(PDF, 15.2KB) 

  • NIC Email Setup on Mobile :-

NIC Government Email ID ( Configuration on Android Mobile using POP3 (Method-1)

     Gov Email ID ( Configuration on iPhone/Android Mobile using IMAP/POP3