The District Nandurbar is newly formed from the district Dhule. It came into existence with effect from 1st July 1998. Headquarter of this district is Nandurbar itself. The ancient name of this region was Rasika. Later under the Yadavas, it was called as Seunadesa after king Seunachandra who ruled over it. With the advent of Muslims, the name was changed to Khandesh to suit the title Khan given to the Faruki Kings. The entire area of Khandesh included two-district viz., Dhule and Jalgaon and was administered as one district with headquarters at Dhule. However in 1906 for administrative purposes the Khandesh was divided into two districts known as west Khandes and East Khandesh. In the year 1950, a new Tahsil Akkalkuwa was created and with the reorganization of states in 1956, the region was included in Bombay State and subsequently i.e. in 1960 it became a part of Maharashtra state. While doing so, 38 villages, each from Nandurbar and Nawapur tahsils, 43 villages from Talode and 37 villages from Akkalkuwa tahsils were transferred to Gujarat State. In 1971 Census, Akrani Mahal was upgraded as Akrani Tahsil. In 1961, the name of the district was changed from west Khandesh to Dhulia and later on to Dhule district with Dhule as its headquarters. In July 1998, after creation of Nandurbar district, 6 Tahsils comprising of 933 villages were transferred to Nandurbar district.Nandurbar district consists of six tahsils viz. Akkalkuwa, Akrani, Talode, Shahade, Nandurbar and Nawapur. There were 930 villages in 1991 Census, which rose to 947 with 17 new villages in 2001 Census. In 2011 census, the number of villages decreased to 943.